Our Story


As technology changed in the late 1990s, companies attempted to understand the new impact to the management of their supply chains. At that time, shippers had two choices—buy a TMS and insource, or use a 3PL and outsource all logistical needs. These two options created a gap in the marketplace for shippers who wanted to maximize the value of new technology, but maintain the control of their carrier relationships. We saw the gap as an opportunity to create a new category, combining the benefits of each option—and so TMC, along with our innovative Managed TMS® service, was born.

Building a New Category

As shippers made their choice between insourcing and outsourcing, they realized the varied challenges in each. Those who chose to insource found leveraging their own employees to use the TMS resulted in sustained cost savings. However, over time, those employees would leave and they needed true power users to operate the software and maximize results. For those who chose to outsource, they received the technology solution and the needed users, but they lost all true visibility and control of their carriers. We viewed these challenges as an opportunity to create a new category of service that combines TMS technology with managed services. We call our solution Managed TMS, which uses the best practices from each model to create better outcomes for our customers.

Striking the Right Balance

As a division of C.H. Robinson, we operate separately in order to offer our customers an unbiased focus on their logistics strategy. We make sure there is never a conflict of interest by correctly balancing your needs—financial stability, experienced resources, and scalable solutions—while keeping your information separate, your rates protected, and your operating platforms neutral. In order to always serve you best, we are structured as a separate division with intentional and measurable distinction from C.H. Robinson’s systems, operations, personnel, and facilities.

Working Smarter Together

Our customers are experts at their business, and we have established processes and trained talent. Working together, you can plug into our existing technologies, best practices, and logistics talent to get you to your goals faster. Using our core pillars of service—global TMS, logistics process management, and consulting—you can focus on new strategic initiatives while managing costs and creating the needed frameworks for expanded growth. Ultimately, we are always an extension of your team, providing transparency to your supply chain and helping recognize new opportunities.