TMS Technology for Small to Midsized Businesses

Freightview® is an online freight management platform that cuts the time and money small to midsized businesses (SMBs) spend on shipping. By streamlining quoting, booking, tracking, and reporting, we improve your shipping processes. Through centralized visibility, Freightview allows you to be more efficient and cost-effective in the management of your carrier relationships and negotiated rates.


Freightview® 重新定义了您与托运商之间的关系。对于 SMB 而言,运输管理不再是耗费人力、低效低能的劳动密集型工作。现在,只需要花费过往登录多个零担货运 (LTL) 承运商网站的一部分时间,即可轻松完成货物运输。您和您的员工可大幅提高生产效率,利用获取到的各种所需信息来谈判更有利的货运资费,确保相关责任落实到位,并实现额外的成本节省。

  • 简单易用的自助服务型软件
  • 只需几分钟便可完成设置
  • 简单直观的界面
  • 30 天无风险、无责任试用
  • 可预估、可负担的每月费用,绝无任何前期成本
  • 软件性能经常根据客户反馈和行业最佳实践予以强化
  • 专家坐镇、响应及时的客户支持


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